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Patella Femoral Conditions

Total Knee Replacements

ACL, MCL, and PCL Repairs

Arthritic Conditions 


Typical applications of the CT800

Simulate flat and uphill walking to emphasize specific muscle groups or motions.

Reduce stresses placed on feet, legs, and joints through premium shock absorption technology.

The large 22″ x 60″ running surface is constructed of a durable commercial-grade pre-lubricated belt for enhanced comfort and extensive use.

Belt speeds as low as 0.3 mph (0.1 mph increments) to accommodate even the most deconditioned patient.

This unit comes equipped with a 4.0 hp DC motor with Grade H insulation. There are two fans that keep the motor cool to ensure it doesn’t overheat and need replacing prematurely.

Ergonomically correct hand pulse sensors to help track and monitor heart rate during training.

Large multi-window LED display provides feedback on distance, calories, pulse, time, track, speed, incline and more.


Spirit Fitness CT800 Medical Treadmill with Handrails

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